An exciting puzzle game. travel from darkness to darkness through a fantastic world .. Not suitable for the fearful, the darkness will envelop you in adventure.
Lumidia is a small planetoid millions of light years away, with an ecosystem unique in the cosmos. It orbits a very special formation, a system in equilibrium betwen a neutron star and a black hole. Changeling the energy of both througth the crystals that form its nucleus. A luminous energy produced and transnitted by luminescent minerals of the subsoil to all beings and matters of the planet, maintained a delicate balance of its complex operation. The planet itself is aliving being. From its depths and through each plant, every stone, every creature that pops it flows the blue energy...
But one day... No one knows what happend but it spread fast, Like a disease. Darkned glowies ensalved everything in their path. Now Darkness hangs over them and they rest only a few...
Game produced by No Glow Studio.
Design , 3d and programming: Jaime Rico
Character design and animation: Guillermo Berdugo
Music: Gorka Pastor